How to Close the One Pay Cloud Application

When using POSaBIT payments alongside the One Pay Cloud (OPC) application on a single QD device it is possible that the One Pay Cloud application can get stuck open. This is commonly seen in the morning after the device has sat all night. When this occurs you will need to re-open the POSaBIT application before any transactions can be run.

Note: If the POSaBIT payments application is not reopened prior to performing a sale (the purchase amount is entered into the OPC app and not the POSaBIT app) POSaBIT will have no record of the transaction within the real time reporting.

How to close out of the OPC app / return to the POSaBIT Payments app:

  1. From the "Enter Amount" page within OPC, select the built-in Android Home Button "o" on the bottom of the device.
  2. Once you select the home button, the OPC application will prompt you to put in a "System PIN". On this page enter the following "336686"
  3. Upon entering the 6 digits above, you will automatically be taken back to the POSaBIT Payments application where you can begin your next transaction.

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