Due to the high volume of cash transactions at dispensaries, they are more susceptible to robberies than normal brick-and-mortar retailers. POSaBIT identified this issue and has been working closely with dispensaries to create a new SOS alert system built directly into the POS. This new feature will allow budtenders to discretely send out SMS alerts to a list of pre-made contacts using the POS by either entering a secret "SOS" PIN # or by tapping the new SOS alert button 5x. Additionally, a new badge icon has been added to the POSaBIT portal allowing users to trigger alerts from there as well. This article walks through how to set up SOS alerts within the POSaBIT portal as well as how to trigger the alert using both the SOS button and SOS pin.


How to setup SOS Alerts:

  1. Login to the POSaBIT web portal
  2. Select the "SOS Alerts" page found under the "Settings" dropdown at the top of the page
  3. Once on the SOS Alerts page, you will be asked to approve a POSaBIT disclaimer. 
    • By approving this disclaimer the POSaBIT Portal SOS Alert badge will automatically enable in the top right-hand corner next to the notification bell. Read more about the portal badge below under "How to Trigger an SOS Alert".
  4. After approving the disclaimer, you will be prompted to set up your SOS triggers within the "SOS Alerts" box found in the top left-hand area of the page. These settings include:
    • SOS SMS Message: This is the message that each contact will receive. This message will consist of the text "SOS Alert from" and then a part of the venue's address. This will guarantee that these messages will never be blocked by an SMS provider due to it being related to cannabis.
    • SOS Portal Button Enabled?: This flag will enable an "SOS Shield" icon on the POS pin screen. When enabled this button can be used to trigger an SOS alert by pressing it 5x.
    • SOS Pin Enabled?: This flag will enable the ability to trigger the SOS alert using a pre-set 4-digit PIN that is entered into the field labeled "4-digit SOS Pin #".
    • SOS Opens Cash Drawer: This flag will enable a setting that will automatically open the cash drawer should the SOS Alert be triggered. 
  5. Once you have set either one or both of the SOS alert triggers, press the blue "Save" button to complete the SOS trigger setup.
  6. Next, right below the alert settings, you will need to set up who will receive the SMS alerts. To do this enter the contact name and telephone number then press "Create" to generate the new contact profile.
  7. Once all contacts have been created your SOS alerts are fully set up and ready to be used.



How to Trigger an SOS Alert:

Depending on which triggers are set up within the POSaBIT portal, SOS alerts can be triggered in one of two ways. 

  1. SOS Button: In order to trigger the SOS alert using the SOS button, press the blue/green shield5x. Once you have pressed the shield five times the leaf on the inside of the shield will turn red letting you know that the alert has been sent (please ensure staff members are aware they need to tap the button until the shield icon turns RED). Below are the different states of the SOS button and what each means:
    • Artboard 1.pngThe greyed-out shield means that the "SOS Button" trigger is disabled within your POSaBIT portal
    • Artboard 1_1.pngThe blue/green shield means that the "SOS Button" is enabled. When tapped 5x this will trigger an SOS alert.
    • Artboard 1_2.pngThe blue/green shield with a red leaf means that the "SOS Button" is active and has been triggered. This lets you know that an SOS alert has been sent out.

  2. SOS PIN: In order to trigger the SOS alert using the SOS pin, simply enter the pre-set SOS alert pin on the normal budtender pin screen. Once entered a message will display saying"wrong pin - try again" with the triggered badge icon within the pop-up message. This is meant to be a discrete way of letting the budtender know that the SOS alert has been sent out without it being obvious to a normal viewer. (see image below)

  3. PORTAL BADGE: In addition to being able to trigger an SOS alert from the POSaBIT POS, users can also trigger an alert from any computer that is logged into the POSaBIT portal. To trigger an SOS alert from the POSaBIT portal, simply press the new badge icon found in the top right-hand corner right next to the notification bell. Similar to the SOS alert triggers on the POS, once pressed POSaBIT will automatically send out your venues SOS message to each contact that has been added to the SOS Alerts page.


For additional assistance please reach out to POSaBIT support @ 1 (855) POSaBIT OR SUPPORT@POSaBIT.COM

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