How to Set Up the Top Shelf Data Integration

Top Shelf Data's integration with POSaBIT enables your venue to use data analytics to learn more about your customers and different sales! Setup is easy - just configure your API token in the POSaBIT portal and then contact Top Shelf Data and provide them with the API key that you just created through POSaBIT. 

  1. Log into the POSaBIT POS Portal
  2. Click on Settings from the menu bar and then select the Integrations tab.
  3. Hit the New API Token button
  4. Fill out the required fields to create a new feed, including:
  • Name: (i.e. Top Shelf Data key)
  • Expires On: It is recommended to set this to a date in the far future (i.e. 01/01/2099)
  • Description: This is optional
  • Permissions: select 'Venue Data Access' and ‘Incoming Orders Access’

Contact Top Shelf Data and provide the API Key that you just created. Their team will help you complete the integration.


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