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Springbig is the leading loyalty, CRM, and text marketing platform built specifically for the cannabis industry, designed to help you acquire, retain, and engage your most valuable customers throughout their lifetime. 


POSaBIT and Springbig have combined forces to offer a seamless integration that provides a frictionless experience for your staff and customers. Springbig helps drive repeat traffic to your store and motivates your most loyal customers to spend more, while POSaBIT ensures a quick and compliant payment experience. The synergy between systems collects rich data to complete a 360-degree view of the customer for smarter marketing, enhanced sales, outreach, and more


Key Features of the Integration:

  1. Seamless sales data integration
    • POSaBIT automatically sends all sales data directly to your springbig account. This allows you to easily create personalized campaigns based on purchase history as well as shared loyalty tracking between the two systems
  2. Direct reward and offer redemption directly from POSaBIT's point of sale
    • By linking rewards and offers between POSaBIT and Springbig, you will enable to ability to redeem and apply Springbig rewards and offers directly from the POSaBIT point of sale
  3. Integrated loyalty consent collection 
    • Utilizing POSaBIT's new customer consent screen, customers are able to sign up for a Springbig loyalty account directly from the point of sale. This form is 100% customizable, allowing you to provide your own personalized verbiage as well as collecting customer's signatures and automatically share all information with Springbig


Learn how to link your Springbig account to POSaBIT HERE

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