CCRS - How to Generate and Export a Manifest File for Return/Transfer Manifests

POSaBIT and the WCIA have joined forces to provide our cannabis partners a solution to transfer manifest data between software platforms. 


Anytime a retailer is transferring inventory out of the POSaBIT system, manifest details must be entered in for every item the store is sending out of the store.

IMPORTANT: Review the new regulations put in place in January 2023, see HERE to make sure all steps are followed to stay compliant. 

Before you start a return/transfer manifest, you must complete the following:

  • The venue must have at least one email entered into Email Alerts on the Inventory Settings page. 


  • This isn't a requirement, but it causes fewer issues if this information is already filled out: Fill in Supplier information by going to the Inventory dropdown menu --> Suppliers, then select the Supplier that is receiving the manifest, or create a new supplier by selecting the New Supplier button on the top right of the Suppliers page. Supplier profile MUST have the Suppliers Name, License Number, Email Address, and Phone Number. 



Here are the steps to create & generate a return/transfer manifest from the POSaBIT portal:

  1. Login to the POSaBIT POS portal.
  2. Navigate to Inventory from the main navigation menu, and select Return Manifests.
  3. From the return manifest index page, click on the 'New Return Manifest' button in the top right corner, and fill out the transfer manifest details. 
    • Fill out the fields on the transfer form (*required, ^vendor pickup only):
        • *Pick-up time
        • *Transportation Type (Vendor Pickup or 3rd Party Courier)
        • Notes
        • *Marijuana Lots to Transfer (copy/paste each lot, then hit Add)
        • *^Destination(return destination or store location)
        • *^Driver name
        • *^Driver ID
        • *^Driver DOB
        • *^Vehicle ID / VIN
        • *^Year
        • *^Color
        • *^Make
        • *^Model
        • *^License Plate
    • Hit Save as Completed to finalize the manifest, OR select Save in Progress to save the manifest without uploading it.  (Biotrack & CCRS States Only)

  4. Once you've saved the return/transfer manifest, POSaBIT will generate the manifest transfer file and CCRS copy for you, which is accessed from the manifest index page. The manifest file should be sent to the vendor along with the return/transfer manifest so that they can use it to import the details into their inventory management system on the receiving end (if their software platform supports that functionality).
    • For Transfer Manifest between venues under the same Merchant, at the receiving store, the transfer manifest will appear under the Incoming Manifests tab. Once you click on the manifest, each package tag will be displayed with the product already assigned to each tag.

  5. You will receive an email from LCB confirming the manifest was successful. This will be sent to the email that is filled in the Email Alerts field under Inventory Settings.


The Home Return Manifest page shows the status of each manifest filled out. If you saved the manifest as Completed, it will be blue and you will have the option to complete the manifest by clicking Transfer. If you saved the manifest as in progress, the status will be "In Progress" and you can click the blue Edit button to go back and complete the manifest. See below for example:






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