Inventory Transfers via Metrc

When it comes to inventory transfers, POSaBIT has the ability to sync up with Metrc to appropriately remove package quantities from your inventory. Product details of the packages are also attached to the transfer manifest if you are moving it to one of your other store locations - ultimately saving the receiving store time when intaking the transfer. 


It is important to note, that a partial package cannot be transferred out of the store - meaning there should be no sales tied to a package that is being transferred out. If you are trying to transfer a package that you have sold from, then split off the quantity you'd like to transfer out and associate it with a new package tag, prior to creating the transfer manifest in Metrc.


Let's walk through the process for creating a Transfer Manifest:

  1. Login to your Metrc account, and generate a transfer for the packages you are moving out of the store.
    • Once the transfer has been generated, POSaBIT will be able to pull all of the manifest details from Metrc and log them in the POS portal. This will also trigger inventory to be pulled out of the system on the POSaBIT side.
  2. After you've successfully created the transfer in Metrc, login to the POSaBIT portal, select Inventory, and Transfer Manifests.
  3. From the Transfer Manifests index page, you should see the transfer listed on the page. If you do not see the transfer, hit the blue Sync button to force a sync and pull in the manifest details.



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