What to do if an ID Won't Scan

Sometimes an ID will not scan if the barcode is damaged. Sometimes it won't scan if there's poor lighting. If you are having difficulty with scanning, here are some steps you can take:


1. Evaluate Lighting: Are you scanning the ID in a well-lit area? If it's too dark, that could be a reason for difficulty with scanning, and you may need to turn on flash.

How to Use Flash: Click the “Flash” button in the top right corner to give yourself better lighting and then try to rescan the customer’s ID.


If there is any glare on the ID from flash, try holding the ID at a 45 degree angle to try to capture the barcode without glare.


2. Override ID: If the ID still will not scan, you can always use the override function to manually enter the customer's ID information. On the ID scan screen, click the cancel "x" in the top left corner, and then select the grey UNSCANNABLE - OVERRIDE ID button on the main ID scan screen.




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