What to do if a Transaction is Not Showing in Reports

On occasion, there may be a delay when a transaction appears on a store's POSaBIT reports. This is generally due to connectivity issues between payments devices. A transaction missing from reports does NOT mean a customer was not charged - POSaBIT tracks any approved/pending transactions of this sort and ensures that the record gets added to the store's reports in 1-2 business days.


1. First, Understand if the Customer was Charged

  • Reference the Debit Terminal Receipt: When equipped with paper, the debit terminal will print out a receipt (as long as printing is enabled for the debit terminal) that indicates an approved or declined purchase. If the receipt says "Approved", the customer's card was charged, so do not run their card again!
  • Run a Batch Report
  • Call the Bank: If all else fails, the customer can always hop on a quick call with their bank to get more information on the charge and to find out if the purchase succeeded.

2. Proceed 1 of 2 Ways - Depending on Status of Charge

If the customer was NOT charged

You will know the customer was not charged if any of the following is true: The debit terminal receipt printed a receipt saying "Declined", the charge does NOT appear on the batch report, and/or the customer does not have record of the transaction on their statement. If this is discovered while the customer is still at the shop, run their card again and ensure the purchase goes through successfully.

*Important Note - A transaction showing up as "pending" on someone's account does NOT mean that they were charged. Pending transactions will often fall off because the card was not fully processed.

If the customer WAS charged

In the unlikely event that the transaction does not make it all of the way to the POSaBIT server, but the customer indicates they were charged, best practice is to log as much information as possible about the charge (date/time, last 4 digits of the card used, customer name, purchase amount, confirmation code, etc) and escalate to the POSaBIT Support Team.

With the provided transaction information, the customer's charge will be located, and then added to the store's reports appropriately.

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