How to Enter New Brands into the System

Anytime you receive a new brand you've never carried before, you'll want to create a new brand record! Make sure every product in your store has the brand saved so you don't miss out on all of the great brand insights and metrics that you can track using POSaBIT!

A new brand can be created one of two ways:

1. Upon Intaking the Manifest

If you are creating a new product on the fly as you are intaking a new manifest, you can choose the option to "create a new brand". While viewing the manifest, select the orange plus to create a new product, under the product creation pop-up select the "--Create New Brand--" under the product brand drop down.

2. From the Brands Tab

If you'd like create a new brand record prior to receiving the product, simply click on the Product Brands tab under the Inventory drop down. Next, select the New Product Brand button, enter the brand name, upload an image for the brand, then click Save.






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