Inventory Reorder Report

Inventory Reorder report helps you stay on top of your inventory, giving you product data such as velocity, avg. daily sales and units on hand.

This report is designed around common supply chain operations in order to keep you informed and prepared. This table is automatically sorted by products that have the least quantity on hand, to ensure that you always know what needs to be ordered next. Below gives a brief overview of the main columns:

  • Threshold: Threshold alerts you to restock inventory when the quantity on hand goes under
  • Recommended Threshold: Average supplier lead time + 2 days multiplied by velocity
  • Velocity: Avg. quantity sold per day. 
  • Optimum Level: Optimum level quantity on hand needed to maintain inventory for a specific manifest frequency
  • Quantity Sold: Total units sold for each specific product
  • Avg. Daily Sales: The average quantity of sales for the selected product per day. Warning: This only takes into account dates within the selected time frame, changing the time frame may adjust this statistic.
  • Quantity on Hand: Current inventory stock of the selected product



To download a full report with more information, click the blue Download button located at the top of the screen.


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