Express guest checkout workflow

POSaBIT users will be able to crank out sales as quickly as possible when utilizing the Express guest checkout workflow!

This venue-level setting, when enabled, will start a new guest order once a transaction has been completed. Reducing the amount of steps required to get a new transaction started. The user will be able to search an existing customer profile from the guest page if needed as well as add a new customer when they want to sign up for loyalty incentives! 

Please note that the purpose of this setting is to start a new transaction immediately after a transaction is completed. If Customer queue enabled the Express guest checkout setting will be ignored

When Express guess checkout is enabled. The following flags will be ignored!

  1. Require age check for all customers
  2. Require age check for guests


To enable this setting

  1. Log into the POSaBIT online portal
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab and select General POS register settings
  3. Check the box next to Express guest checkout workflow
  4. Click the save button at the bottom of the page


For additional assistance please reach out to POSaBIT support @ 1 (855) POSaBIT OR SUPPORT@POSaBIT.COM

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