2023 CCRS Overview and Workflow Changes

Recently, Washington LCB and CCRS have made some changes to the process of how to submit manifests. With these changes, we have built out a simple step-by-step walkthrough article on how to submit manifests and stay compliant.

Here is a quick summary of the changes that occurred on January 9th. 

  • The strain CSV file will now include the license number.
  • Users will no longer be required to use the webform for return or transfer manifests.
  • Users will be required to enter the Destination Email, Phone Number, and License Number of where the manifest is going.
  • Moving forward, just complete the manifest within POSaBIT when completing a return or transfer of inventory.

The WALCB has added new CCRS categories. POSaBit now allows users to assign the CCRS category to the product type level. These CCRS category mappings will impact reporting. 

An admin user should review the Product Types listing to ensure all product types that are marked as Is Marijuana has the correct CCRS category selected. 

Note: New CCRS categories have been added that break concentrates down by the solvent type used for extraction or if the extract is intended for inhalation. Venues that have a single product type for concentrates can create new product types for each concentrate type the venue stocks. 

  1. Navigate to the Inventory tab and select Product types 
  2. Click edit next to the Product type
  3. For items marked Is marijuana, select the CCRS category that is equivalent to the product type selected and click save at the bottom. 

The following table shows the current mapping that is set by default.

Users can update the CCRS categories assigned to product types at their discretion.




Usable Cannabis

Edible Liquid

Liquid Edible

Edible Solid

Solid Edible


Usable Cannabis


Topical Ointment


Sample Jar


Hydrocarbon Concentrate

Vape Cartridge

Ethanol Concentrate

This table has newly added CCRS categories and mappings

CO2 Concentrate

CO2 Concentrate

Intermediate Product

Cannabis Mix Infused

Intermediate Product/ Seed pack

Cannabis Mix Packaged



Vape Cartridge

Concentrate for Inhalation

Alcohol/ Ethanol extract

Ethanol Concentrate


Hydrocarbon Extraction

Solventless Concentrates

Non-Solvent based concentrate





Transdermal Patch



Now that you have updated your product types and the CCRS categories, let's get into how to submit a return/transfer manifest properly while providing a lower risk of error.


Please review these few strategies to avoid a failed manifest:

1 - Be Proactive about Submitting the Manifest Early

  • We highly recommend not submitting a manifest on the day of the manifest's pick-up date because of the delay in the manifest being confirmed by the LCB. Please submit return/transfer manifests 48-72 hours before the scheduled pick-up. We have created a table explaining the estimated time to receive the confirmation email based on the time and day of the week. The email confirmation will be sent from info@lcb.wa.gov 

Notice: This is based on when the majority will receive the confirmation email - this is not guaranteed 100% of the time. Manifests are confirmed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, which means if you submitted a manifest on a Monday and it didn't get approved that day, it will most likely be approved on Wednesday, but there are instances when it could be delayed further.

  • If you submitted a manifest on the day of, and the confirmation email with the manifest information hasn't been received, but the courier drive needs paperwork in order to return the products, you can always print out a contingency manifest as a placeholder temporarily. You can find this under Inventory --> Return Manifests, then click the PDF button to download the contingency request. Print it out and give it to the courier driver.

2 - Add Important Information to the Suppliers Profile

  • We highly recommend filling in some information on the Supplier that you will be sending the manifest to, this will make sure there is no missing information from the manifest that would potentially cause the manifest to not be confirmed.
  • Fill in Supplier information by going to the Inventory dropdown menu --> Suppliers, then select the Supplier that is receiving the manifest, or create a new supplier by selecting the New Supplier button on the top right of the Suppliers page. Supplier profile should have the Suppliers Name, License Number, Email Address, and Phone Number.



3 - Add an Email for Email Confirmations from the LCB

In order to confirm that the LCB has received the manifest, an email needs to be entered for LCB to send the confirmation to. 

  1. From the POSaBIT Portal, go to the Settings tab and select Inventory Settings.

  2. Make sure there is an email entered in the Email Alerts textbox.
    • The Washington LCB will only send the confirmation to one email.
    • You can have multiple emails entered, please separate them with a comma. If you have multiple emails entered, the LCB will only send the confirmation email to the FIRST email entered on this list.

  3. Click Save to complete.



Now that you have a confirmation email ready, you can start completing manifests:

How to create & generate a return/transfer manifest from the POSaBIT portal

  1. Login to the POSaBIT POS portal.
  2. Navigate to Inventory from the main navigation menu, and select Return Manifests.
  3. From the return manifest index page, click on the 'New Return Manifest' button in the top right corner, and fill out the transfer manifest details. 
    • Fill out the fields on the transfer form (*required, ^vendor pickup only):
      • *Pick-up time
      • *Transportation Type (Vendor Pickup or 3rd Party Courier)
      • Notes
      • *Marijuana Lots to Transfer (copy/paste each lot, then hit Add)
      • *Destination(return destination or store location)
      • *Destination Email
      • *^Driver name
      • *^Courier (If Applicable)
      • *^Vehicle ID
      • *^Make
      • *^Model
      • *^License Plate
    • Hit Save as Completed to finalize the manifest, OR select Save in Progress to save the manifest without uploading it. (Biotrack & CCRS States Only)

Notice: Make sure that all information is entered correctly or the manifest will not go through.

    • Hit Save.
  1. Once you've saved the return/transfer manifest, POSaBIT will generate the WCIA manifest transfer file and CCRS copy for you, which is accessed from the Transfer/Return Manifest page on the portal. The manifest file should be sent to the supplier along with the return/transfer manifest so that they can use it to import the details into their inventory management system on the receiving end (if their software platform supports that functionality).

  2. For Transfer Manifest between venues under the same Merchant, at the receiving store, the transfer manifest will appear under the Incoming Manifests tab. Once you click on the manifest, each package tag will be displayed with the product already assigned to each tag.

  3. You will receive an email from LCB confirming the manifest was successful. This will be sent to the email that is filled in the Email Alerts field under Inventory Settings

    NOTICE: After submitting a manifest, there could be a 48-72 hour delay in receiving the confirmation email, depending on when the manifest was submitted. The confirmation email will come from info@lcb.wa.gov

Voiding a Return/Transfer Manifest

To void a Return or Transfer Manifest, go to the Return/Transfer Manifest page and select the Red Void button on the far right side of any manifests that have been transferred or are in the waiting state. A popup will ask if you're sure you want to void the selected manifest. Click Okay and the manifest will be voided.




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