OnFleet Delivery Setup

Integration setup

  1. Log into your OnFleet portal (onfleet.com), and navigate to settings, the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Click on API & Webhooks, in the API keys section, and click the plus sign to generate a new API key. Copy the new API key and then click done

  3. Log into the POSaBIT Portal, navigate to Settings and click on integrations.
  4. Click on the New integration button, select OnFleet from the drop down and paste the API key copied from OnFleet into the Auth token field. Leave the Secret and data fields blank then hit save.
  5. If you view the integrations page, Onfleet should be listed as an integration. If the API key is valid the status should be Connected at this time. If the status is Disconnected, please confirm the API key entered is still active within Onfleet.


How to use the integration

  1. Create a new delivery order
  2. Add products and lots to fulfill the order.
  3. A new “task” will be sent to OnFleet for the order when it is saved as a “fulfilled” status.
  4. Once enough tasks are generated for a route, log in to Onfleet and assign the tasks to the drivers.
  5. Within Posabit, Mark the order as “out for delivery” when the driver is preparing to leave, this step will also create a manifest within METRC.
  6. Log into METRC to print transportation manifests for the different stops.  
  7. Using the Pocket POS, users can complete the transaction at the delivery destination. This will complete the order within Posabit as well as METRC and Onfleet. 


1. A valid phone number is required on the customers profile for the task to be sent to OnFleet

2. Drivers are required to have the drivers license number, phone number and METRC ID filled in for the Manifests to be successfully created in METRC.  

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