How to Edit POS Timeout Settings

The POS Tiemoutr feature will allow users to log in to the POS once and not have to type their pin in again until the POS is inactive for a certain time period, depending on the selected setting. Here is how each of the options function:

  • Require Employee Login After Each Transaction: this is how the POS operates by default - an employee must enter their employee pin at the beginning of each transaction.
  • Require Employee Login After (1, 3, 5, 10, or 15) Mins of Inactivity: when set, the POS will automatically log out and navigate back to the employee pin screen after ‘x’ minutes of any kind of inactivity on the POS. 
    • If a cart is open when the POS times out, the open order will get automatically saved to the ‘Order Pad’ as a ‘processing’ order, and a note on the order will provide a description that the order was auto-saved (i.e. Auto Saved Marley Blundell Order 05:14 PM)
  • Require Employee Login Only After Logout: when set, the POS will NOT automatically timeout and it will NOT require an employee to enter their employee pin unless a user specifically hits the ‘Logout’ button from the POS hamburger menu. After a transaction is completed, the POS will navigate back to the customer search screen (or customer queue IF enabled), so the budtender can easily help the next customer without having to log back into the register. 


To adjust this setting, go to Settings → General POS Register Settings. At the top of this page, you will be able to select the desired amount of time the POS is inactive before logging out or you can opt to have an employee log in before every transaction, or only after the POS has been logged out.



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