Till Management - Track Till Denominations

When opening and closing a till, cash denominations can now be recorded for each till from the point of sale. This new function cuts down the time it take's to count the cash in the till, and also reduces the likely hood of miscounting the till because of the simplicity of entering the quantities of each bill and coin. As the cashier enters in the total quantity of each bill or coin counted, the POS will calculate the cumulative total. 


To track the quantities by denomination, click on the 'Record' button in the top right corner. If you are recording denominations, you will notice the 'open till amount' (when opening a till) and the 'cash drop' (when closing a till) fields are disabled since it is a calculated field. If you'd like to update the total field and do NOT want to record till denominations, then click the 'Hide' button to disregard the counts. 


Opening Till Example -


Closing Till Example - 



When closing a till, if the 'enter later' option is chosen, then the till must be closed from the POSaBIT Portal. If the closing amounts are entered from the backend portal, then you can also record the 'cash drop' denominations from the portal.






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