POSaBIT 2.0 - Overview



All good things must come to an end… and be replaced with something better! 🎉


POSaBIT 2.0 provides the same functionality that you fell in love with using 1.0, plus a number of new features that are sure to improve the overall budtender and customer experience. In this article, we will provide you with an overview of what is new!




Refreshed Look & Feel

The most prominent difference between POSaBIT 1.0 and 2.0 is the user interface. The facelift provides a more modern look and gave us a chance to enhance the functionality throughout the POS. Rest assured, general workflows have remained the same and this update will NOT require major retraining to use the system.


Some minor navigation changes include...

  • A new menu bar from the cart screen - use this menu to navigate to the customer's...
    • Profile (edit profile)
    • Purchase history
    • Preferences
    • Loyalty
    • Recommendations
    • Notes
  • The new 'Order Actions' button - click this from the cart to view...
    • Delivery
      • Select this option to save the order as a delivery order
    • Save Order
      • Save the order to the order pad
    • Print Receipt
    • Cancel Order




What Else is New?

There are a handful of feature enhancements, as well as some new features you can expect with POSaBIT 2.0, including...

Get a glimpse into these new features and enhancements by reviewing the summary of each below. If you'd like more details on any item, click on the 'learn more' link to get the full rundown!


Till management - Track Till Denominations

When opening and closing a till, cash denominations can now be recorded for each till from the point of sale. Click the ‘record denominations’ button in the top right-hand corner of the screen to view and input quantities.






Purchase History - Insights

With POSaBIT 1.0, budtenders had the ability to view a loyalty customer’s purchase history. Now with 2.0, budtenders have access to a handful of additional metrics such as ‘Lifetime Purchases’, ‘Average Purchase Size’, ‘Average Items Ordered’, ‘Lifetime Returns’, and even a view of past customer returns! 






Purchase History - Purchase Limit Meter

In addition to our enhanced purchase history metrics, we have also added a purchase limit meter to visually display the customer’s purchase limit constraints. As product is added to the cart, the graphic will show how the customer’s limit is affected, and how much of their limit they have remaining. If a product is added to the customer’s cart and their limit is exceeded, the graphic will reflect this and show how much over the limit they are - ultimately making it clearer what needs to be removed from the cart for a compliant checkout. 








Customer Preferences - Products & Effects

Under the new Preferences tab on a customer’s loyalty profile, budtenders will now have access to view a customer’s product ‘Preferences’. Preferences are based on past purchase behavior and are served up to show the budtender the customer’s top 3 preferences for each category. Products are categorized by type, strain, supplier, and brand. On the ‘Effects’ tab, the budtender can see the customer’s preferred lineages, terpenes, effects, and flavors/aromas. Product effects are managed by the store on a product-by-product basis - take advantage of this feature by adding the appropriate terpenes (this is an attribute on the ‘strain’ profile), effects, flavors, and aromas to your product details. 






Not only can you view the customer’s preferences, but you can also search for products by preference! Double tap on any of the ‘product’ or ‘effect’ icons to search for products matching those criteria. You can also get more refined searches quickly by double-tapping multiple icons to find products that match all desired criteria.




Customer Recommendations - Best Sellers, Trending, & New Arrivals

Recommendations is a new section on the POS, and is meant to serve as a tool for budtenders to use when a customer asks the question, “what do you recommend?”. Navigate to this page and scroll down on the screen to view products by, ‘Best Sellers’, ‘Trending’, and ‘New Arrivals’. 







Product Detail Enhancements

Product details can be accessed by clicking on a product card from the Product Menu, or by selecting an item from the cart. There are new product fields, including, flavors, effects, and terpenes. 




Product Menu Search Criteria Enhancements


Another upgrade to the Product Menu is the filters for the menu! We have added additional search parameters to POSaBIT 2.0 that give you the ability to search by THC/CBD potency, as well as some additional properties such as terpenes, effects, flavors, etc. 






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