Pay In's and Out's

Pay ins/outs are used to track cash that is being taken or added to the till for any reason other than because of a sale. Cashiers will often use this function in situations when:

  • There is too much cash in a till - using the Pay Out function to remove and account for the cash
  • Adding cash to the till to make a change - using the Pay In function to add a few rolls of quarters for change
  • Removing "petty cash" from the till for small business expenses 

To log a Pay In or a Pay Out, follow these steps:

  1. Click the menu in the top left corner and select "Manage Till"
  2. Click the "Pay In" or "Pay Out" button
  3. Enter the amount and "Reason", then click submit. 

The pay in/out amount will be displayed under the 'Till Activity' section and is recorded on the shift report receipt as well. Additionally, the Auto Print Payout setting can be enabled to print a receipt every time a Pay In or Pay Out is performed. Learn how to enable this feature HERE.



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