How to tell if a Customer's Card was Charged

On occasion, there can be a hiccup in internet connectivty at a store, causing the POSaBIT Payments app to lag. If anything happens during a transaction that leads to the question, "Did this customer's card get charged?", there are a handful of ways you can confirm if they were or not:


1. Reference the Debit Terminal Receipt: When equipped with paper, the debit terminal will always print out a receipt that indicated an approved or declined purchase. If the customer's card was charged, do not run their card again!


2. Run a Batch Report. If the customer was charged, the transaction will be on the printed batch report.

  1.  Click the green OK button, and enter MANAGER PASSWORD (1234)
  2.  Click the Settlement option
  3.  Select Settle Daily Batch

3. Check Mobile Banking App or Call the Bank: If all else fails, the customer can always check their mobile banking app to see if it is on their statement, or hop on a quick call with their bank to get more information on the charge and find out if the purchase succeeded.

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