CCRS - Uploading Manifest CSVs to CCRS Manually to Expedite Returns

Return Manifests are automatically submitted to CCRS by POSaBIT when we perform our thrice weekly automatic CCRS Submissions as outlined here in the CCRS - How to Perform a Return Manifest help page. In the event you need to generate the manifest PDF sooner, POSaBIT customers can upload the manifest CSV directly to the CCRS system.

  1. “Save As Complete” the return manifest in Inventory > Return Manifest. The return manifest will show as being in the State: CCRS File Generated
  2. After a few seconds Open Reports > CCRS, search by Start Time and the manifest will show at the top among the other CCRS Files:

  1. Select the Preview button to download the manifest file as a CSV
  2. The CSV file has a specific naming convention to be successfully uploaded to CCRS. The file should be saved as manifest_<your license number>_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS. If your license number is 123456 the file will look like:


  1. Log on to
  2. Login using your Secure Access Washington username and Password
  3. Select the “Upload” button and upload the manifest_123456_20240327201444.csv file.
  4. You will receive a confirmation on the page the file was successfully uploaded if the name is correct
  5. You will receive an email from the LCB website with the PDF if the file was uploaded successfully
  6. If there are errors with the file, you will receive an email with a csv file that outlines the errors. Please reach out to and attach that CSV for guidance.

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