Weedmaps Integration Overview



Weedmaps is a leading technology and software infrastructure provider within the cannabis industry offering an extensive online marketplace as well as personalized online menus. The partnership between POSaBIT and Weedmaps enables venues to easily sync inventory, product details, images and more directly between POSaBIT and Weedmaps. This two way integration allows POSaBIT to pull in your current Weedmaps products (if any) as well as push data directly to Weedmaps meaning no information is lost in the process.


In addition to offering a 2-way integration with POSaBIT, you will also have full access to the Weedmaps vast list of curated products. These curated products include pre-build descriptions, effects, and images so that you can provide your customers with a clear insight into the products you offer!


How to Integrate:

Your first step when integrating your POSaBIT account with Weedmaps is to enable the integration on POSaBIT. This initial integration in POSaBIT will enable several new screens on your POSaBIT web portal that will allow you to sync up your current menu (if applicable) as well as link inventory to the Weedmaps curated products.


Next, once you have enabled the initial integration you will follow one of the two integration methods depending on the status of your current Weedmaps account. If you are an existing Weedmaps customer (already have a published menu), then you will pull your current Weedmaps data directly into POSaBIT. Alternatively, if you are a brand new Weedmaps customer (don't have a Weedmaps menu), then you will manually connect your POSaBIT brands and products to Weedmaps, in order to offer enhanced curated product descriptions, effects, and images. 


CLICK HERE in order to start setting up your Weedmaps Integration now!



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