Billings: Purchase History Reports - Between & Since Dates

The purchase history reports provide the most detail when it comes to information for a specific transaction. Run this report to find the following information for any given transaction:

  • Total Amount
  • Tip Amount
  • Purchase Amount
  • Change Amount (if given)
  • Donation Amount (if using smart tips donations)
  • Date Purchased
  • Payment ID
  • Confirmation Code
  • Buyer Name
  • Billing Name
  • Charge Type
  • Terminal
  • Cashier
  • Fixed Transaction Fee
  • Transaction Rate
  • Transaction Fee
  • Notes (This column is used to note "Resolved" transactions that have been added to reports)


Between Date vs. Since Date

The only difference between the Purchase History - Between Dates report, and the Purchase History - Since Date is how the user selects the date range to generate the report. The Purchase History - Between Dates report is most useful when pulling a report that has transaction detail for a specific date range (i.e. Monday-Sunday), and the Purchase History - Since Date report is best for when you want to view transactions since a certain date (i.e. if it's Q4, and you want to view purchase details for all transactions that have been processed since the first day of the quarter).


To Run the Purchase History Between Dates or Since Date Report:

  1. Login to POSaBIT's payments portal
  2. Select Reporting from the left side menu.
  3. Under Financial Reports select Purchase History - Between Dates.
  4. Select a date range, then hit Run.

If you wish to download/export this report, simply use the drop down located in the top right hand corner of the page to select which file type you want to download. Once selected the report should automatically start downloading in the desired file format.







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