How to Install the Zebra Printer Driver on your PC so you can Print Barcodes from the POS Portal

Note: Google Chrome is acceptable to use with Zebra Print, NOT Safari.


Download and Install the Zebra Browser Print

  1. To find the SDK, start by going HERE
      1. Mac OS
      2. Windows
  2. Choose the blue button reading Download Browser Print
  3. Scroll down to the ‘Browser Print’ section, and choose the link for Windows PC(Windows Computers/Operating Systems) OR OSX (Apple/Mac computers/operating systems).
  4. Fill out the form about your business as best as you can, and hit Submit.

  5. You should see this screen now. Read the software license agreement if you
    wish, but click the yellow ‘ACCEPT AND BEGIN DOWNLOAD’ button to
    download the driver.
  6. Once the driver is downloaded, double-click the file to begin installing. Follow all
    prompts the Installation guide provides you, and once installed, proceed to the next directions.


Open Browser Print on your Computer


  1. Once you have installed the driver, click on the upward-facing arrow in the lower right corner of the screen. Right-click on the Zebra icon and choose Settings.
    On a PC:
    On a Mac it will be on the top bar and look like a Zebra:
  2. You will see the printer app open. It looks kind of odd on my computer, and I’m not sure why, but you can still get this done if yours looks odd too. But first, make sure that Broadcast Search is checked.
  3. Next, click the word Change next to Default D... and accept whatever printer it pulls up. The application will find any available Zebra printer that is either plugged into your computer or on the same internet network as the computer. It might give a dialog box as seen below:
  4. You should get a screen like this asking you to confirm/set the printer when one is found.
  5. You will see the device appear in the list when it is accepted.
    • Example 1:
    • Example 2:
  6. Next, in the Posabit Portal, go to the product you want to print a barcode. Go to the Product Details or Inventory page and select the product. Skip step 1 if you got to the product from the Inventory page.
    1. From the Product, select the blue View button.

    2. Select the associated package tag.
    3. Select More Details.
    4. Select Other Actions, then Print Barcode via Zebra Printer.
  7. When you click that, two things should pop up on the screen. One is a dialog box asking
    to accept as an accepted host for Zebra Browser print. Click Yes.

    • We now see on the accepted host list on the Zebra Browser

  8. The other thing that popped up on your screen in step 7 is this box asking how many labels you want to print. Enter in 1 for now, and hit Print Barcode. The barcode should
    print! Your job is done. If the label didn’t print, or you get some kind of error, go to the
    next step.

  9. If the barcode doesn't print, go to the Zebra Browser App, select on the accepted host's list, then hit Delete.

  10. Repeat steps 6 and 8 to continue printing barcodes.

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