How to Add an Image to a Product

Adding images to products in POSaBIT is a breeze! Here's a guide on seamlessly incorporating one or multiple images into your products, enhancing your online menu and POS experience.

How to Add Images to a Product:

  1. Log in to your POSaBIT POS Portal.
  2. Navigate to the Inventory dropdown and select "Product Details."
  3. Locate the product you wish to edit. If creating a new product:
    • Click the blue "New Product" button.
    • Fill in the details and click "Create."
    • Notice: Creating a product is necessary before attaching images.
  4. Once your product is located or created, click the orange Image Icon on the right side of the page.
Adding Existing Image:
  • Go to the Linked Images tab and select a Recent or Recommended Image.
    • Recent Images: Images you've recently used.
    • Recommended Images: Images related to the product, brand, and type.
  • If the desired image isn't shown, use the 'Search Image' field.
  • You can drag images to rearrange their display order.
  • The first image in the order will be displayed first on menus.
  • Click "Save" to add the images to the product.
Adding New Image (Image Upload Tab):
  • Navigate to the Image Upload tab.
  • Drag one image at a time into the uploader or select Browse Image File.
  • Click "Save" to add the images to the product.

With these straightforward steps, you can effortlessly enhance your product presentation, offering customers an enriched browsing experience both online and in-store.

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