How to Generate a Return Manifest to a Supplier?

When it comes to inventory returns, POSaBIT will appropriately deduct inventory once the products have been transferred out, and also attach product details to all of the lots included in the return manifest if you are moving it to one of your other store locations - ultimately saving the receiving store time when intaking the transfer.


It is important to note, that a partial lot cannot be transferred out of the store- meaning there should be no sales tied to a lot that is being returned. If you are trying to transfer a lot that you have sold from, then split off the quantity you'd like to transfer out to associate it with a new lot number. Click HERE to see how to Split Lots.


Let's walk through the process for creating a Return Manifest:

  1. Identify each lot that you'd like to return, and ensure there are no sales associated with any of the lots. If you're transferring units from a lot you've already sold from, then split off the quantity you'd like to transfer out to generate a new lot number.
  2. To generate the return manifest, select Inventory, and hit the Return Manifests tab.
  3. Hit the 'New Return Manifest' button
  4. Fill out the fields on the return form(*required, ^vendor pickup only):
      • Pick-up time
      • Transportation Type
      • Notes
      • *Marijuana Products to Return (copy/paste each lot, then hit Add)
      • *Destination (return destination or store location)
      • *^Driver name
      • *^Driver ID
      • *^Driver DOB
      • *^Vehicle ID / VIN
      • *^Year
      • *^Color
      • *^Make
      • *^Model
      • *^License Plate
  5. Hit Save as Completed to finalize the manifest, OR select Save in Progress to save the manifest without uploading it.  (Biotrack & CCRS States Only)
  6. Once the return is leaving the store, hit the orange Transfer button next to the manifest (on the index page)
      • Once you hit the transfer button, each product will be removed from the inventory

The Home Return Manifest page shows the status of each manifest filled out. If you saved the manifest as Completed, it will be blue and you will have the option to complete the manifest by clicking Transfer. If you saved the manifest as in progress, the status will be "In Progress" and you can click the blue Edit button to go back and complete the manifest. See below for example:




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