Loyalty: POSaBIT Loyalty Programs Explained & Best Practices

POSaBIT offers a fully integrated loyalty program that keeps customers engaged with rewards and special member offers. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to a successful loyalty program, but POSaBIT loyalty is designed to allow each venue to customize a program that works for them.

The store has the choice to decide how they want to give out points and how they want customers to redeem their points. All of the features aim to increase average ticket size and the frequency of visits. Moreover, it is a unique piece of software that goes beyond standard loyalty rewards that allows you to show extra appreciation towards your most loyal customers.


Earning Points

Customers can earn points in three basic ways: upon sign-up, by visiting, or by dollars spent. How you incentivize your customers is entirely up to you. Setting up your loyalty program is easy - let’s walk through our available customization: 

Upon Sign-up

This is a one-time point reward. A customer can earn points for joining the program. How many points? However many you want! This is great for venues who are encouraging customers to sign up for a new loyalty program. 

By Visits

This option rewards points to customers based on the number of times they come into the venue. How many times do they have to come in to earn points? However many you want! How many points do they receive? However many you want! The flexibility of this tool allows you to encourage higher frequency of visits. Here are some examples of variations that you could use:

  • Every 10th visit, receive 100 points
  • Every 2nd visit, receive 5 points
  • Every single visit, receive 1 point

You can decide on one or offer multiple visit-based ways to earn points.

By Dollars Spent

This option rewards points to customers based on their ticket size. If it’s a major goal of your venue to increase ticket size - this is a great way to do it. The amount of points a customer earns each visit is calculated on the amount they have spent during that transaction. How much they have to spend and how many points they earn for that spend is up to you. Here are some examples on how this would be used:

  • Every $5, receive 1 point. i.e: the Customer spends $23.49 so they earn 4 points that day
  • Every $20, receive 10 points. i.e: The customer spends $21.55 so they earn 10 points that day


Spending Points & Redeeming Rewards

For the most part, our rewards are structured around either a dollar off or percentage off. Each customer earns rewards as they go, and then can choose to either spend their reward points or save up their reward points for larger rewards. Once points are spent, they cannot be used again. View our reward settings to check out all of the many conditions available for setting up rewards!


Customizing a Reward

Setting up a reward is 100% customizable. There are a variety of options available for each reward. Let’s walk through the process of how to set up a reward.

  1. Name the reward: This is the name that will show up on the POS and will indicate to the customer what they are getting for this reward.
  2. Point deduction: How much do you want this reward to cost? The customer will need to redeem that many loyalty points in order to access this reward.
  3. Type - Dollar or Percentage: Is this reward going to provide a set dollar amount off the entire order or a percentage off the entire order?
  • Amount: Entering 10 would either mean 10 dollars off or 10% off based on the type of reward set
  • Expiration Date: You can set the reward to expire at any point in time
  • Redeemable once per customer: Do you want a customer to only be able to redeem this reward one time?

Time Conditions: Set the days and hours you want this reward to be available. Leaving this section blank will allow the reward to be available any day at any time.

Customer Types: This will allow you to only show this reward for customers who are a certain membership tier (see below)


Examples of Rewards

  • “Sign Up and get $1 Off”: A customer receives 5 points just for signing up for your loyalty program. Next time they come in, they’ll have a reward available where they can spend 5 points and receive $1 off their order. This reward would be one-time-use because it’s only available once after sign up.
  • “Happy Hour Special”: Here’s an instance where you can incentivize customers to come into the venue at certain times. A customer only has to spend 50 points to receive their 10% off during these special times. 
  • “$1 Fridays”: Trying to get rid of extra perishables by the end of the day on Friday? Offer a killer deal where customers only have to redeem 20 points to get $1 off their whole order. 


Membership Tiers

As mentioned above, every time a customer redeems a reward, they spend those points they had been saving up and their available point balance goes down. 

Membership tiers are a great way to make sure that customers keep coming back to accrue and spend points. You can set up membership tiers that allow customers to ‘level up’ into new tiers based on the lifetime points they have earned, which allows you to keep tabs on your most loyal customers. You can then offer special rewards and discounts to those tiers. Here are some examples:

  • 200 Lifetime Points - Bronze Tier
  • 600 Lifetime Points - Silver Tier
  • 1500 Lifetime Points - Gold Tier

Auto-applied discounts can also be tied to membership tiers. For instance, every time a Gold Tier member comes in, they automatically get 5% off. Maybe on Fridays, Silver Tier members get 5%, and Bronze members get 5% only between 4pm - 5pm every day. 

Again, this is a great way to continue to reward your most loyal customers. The customers who are coming in the most will always be able to receive the most benefits. You’ll always be able to separate them from the crowd and say thank you in special ways.

Auto-Apply Discounts

Auto-apply discounts can be used at any time, and they do not rely on customers redeeming loyalty points. These are set up for anyone and everyone that comes into the venue. Let’s walk through how to set up an auto-apply discount, as it’s very similar to setting up a reward:

  1. Name the Discount: This is the name that will show up on the POS and will indicate to the clerk which discount is being applied
  2. Applies to - Order or Item: Don’t want to give 20% off an entire order? That’s okay. Our discounts can be set up to apply to one single item or a set of items. Just select whether this discount applies to an item or to the entire order. 
  3. Type - Dollar or Percentage: Is this discount going to provide a set dollar amount off or a percentage off?
    1. Amount: Entering 10 would either mean 10 dollars off or 10% off based on the type of discount set. And that would be applied to either the whole order or just the item selected (see above)
  4. Expiration Date: You can set the discount to expire at any point in time
  5. Time Conditions: Set the days and hours you want this discount to be auto applied. Leaving this section blank will mean that the discount is applied all day, every day.
  6. Customer Types: This will allow you to only apply this discount for customers who are a certain membership tier (see the example above about auto applying discounts based on membership tiers)
  7. Product Conditions: This is where you set what product or product types this discount applies to. Note: you only need to set product conditions when you’ve selected an item-level discount. 



  • 10% off all Cookies after 11am: This would allow you to offer an incentive on a particular product type at a certain hour. To set this up, you would set up an item-level discount for muffins with the time conditions of 11am - close. 
  • $2 off for all Gold Members on Fridays: This would allow you to incentivize your Gold members to come in to enjoy an extra $2 off their order every single Friday. This will be extra appealing to those point kings and queens because they wouldn’t have to spend any of their points to get this discount.
  • 15% off Healthy Products Every Tuesday: This would allow you to push certain items you think are healthier for your customers. You can set these to auto apply to any healthy items in your venue.


For additional assistance please reach out to POSaBIT support @ 1 (855) POSaBIT OR SUPPORT@POSaBIT.COM

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