How to Accept Package Tags in Metrc

Package tags are unique tags that Metrc requires venues to purchase in order to accurately track the sale of all MJ products. After receiving your package tags you will be required to accept the tags within your Metrc web portal.


Below are the steps for accepting your package tags in Metrc:

  1. Login to the Metrc web portal
  2. Locate and select “Tag Order” from the ‘Admin’ dropdown menu found at the top of the page
  3. Once on the tag orders page, locate and accept your tag order within the table
  4. After accepting your tag order, take a screenshot of your confirmation for the following two reasons:
    • Can be used as proof that you received your Metrc package tags
    • This confirmation will contain the first and last tag number that you were sent. 
  5. Share this screenshot with your POSaBIT account manager so that we can start preparing your account for the external inventory transfer

Once you have received your package tags in Metrc, download and send POSaBIT the newly accepted list of tags. This will allow POSaBIT to generate a custom spreadsheet to help you with the remaining Metrc steps.

After you have provided POSaBIT with your new package tags as well as received your custom generated spreadsheet from POSaBIT you can start adding your strains into Metrc. To learn how to enter strains into Metrc click HERE

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