Steps for Completing a Point of Banking (POB) Purchase

Follow these steps to complete an in-store purchase using Debit (POB) Payments:

  1. Ring up the product in your point of sale system to get the product total
  2. Select the green "CLICK HERE TO START PURCHASE" button on the POSaBIT app
  3. Depending on your venue settings you may need to enter your 4-digit unique employee pin number
  4. Scan the customer's ID or enter ID information in manually via the OVERRIDE ID button
    • Note: This is an optional setting that can be disabled for your venue
  5. Enter purchase amount (this is the product total from the POS)
  6. Select "Debit" as the payment method to initiate a POB transaction
    • Note: If debit is the only payment method your account is using through POSaBIT "Debit" will automatically be selected and this step will be skipped.
  7. Pass the device running the POSaBIT payment's application to the customer
  8. Customer accepts the Non Cash Assessment fee on the card terminal (the non cash assessment will be added to the rounded total)
  9. Customer selects a tip option
    • Note: If "Smart Tips" are enabled for your venue, the recommended tip amounts will automatically calculate to reduce the change given based on the entered purchase amount.
  10. Customer inserts or swipes their card on the terminal, and enters their pin number
  11. After the customer's card has been approved, click "DONE" on the POSaBIT app, tender the purchase on the point of sale and give the customer their change (if any is owed to them), along with their receipt with the charge breakdown. 

*Note: If you do not have a tender option to differentiate Debit (POB) purchases from cash transactions, enable Debit or Cashless ATM as a tender button on your POS to track Debit (POB) transactions.


Example flow with $1 Smart Tipping enabled:


Example flow with $10 Smart Tipping enabled: (1).gif

Click here to view the PDF Transaction Guide

*Reconciliation Tip: For easy reconciliation, keep the merchant copy in your till to help track change out of your till. Your POSaBIT portal reports will track transaction details such as: Transaction date/time, change back amounts, purchase totals, and more!


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