Customer Preferences - Products & Effects

Have you ever had a customer come into your shop who is isn't sure what they want? What about a customer to is looking to buy a product you are sold out of, and wants something comparable? Wouldn't it be nice if you could recommend other products they might like based on what they've purchased in the past? Well now you can using loyalty profiles on the POS!


Simply open the cart of a loyalty customer, then click on the 'Preferences' tab from the right side menu. Cashiers can toggle between 'product' and 'effect' preferences from this page to view various product attributes the customer tends to gravitate towards. Looking at the customer's past purchases, the top 3 attributes from each category (product type, strains, supplier, brand, lineage, terpenes, effects, and flavors/aromas) are displayed.


To take full advantage of this feature, please ensure you assign terpenes to your strain profiles in the POSaBIT Portal, as well as effects and flavors/aromas




Double tab on any of the icons show under preferences to do a quick search to find similar products the store has available for purchase. 





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