How to Unregister and Re-register a Q2 Payments Device

Sometimes Q2 Devices will need to be re-registered 


1.) Locate the Serial Number of the Terminal and send it to the POSaBIT employee you're working with. We will cross-reference the last 4 digits of the Terminal with the Payments Portal to ensure we are looking at the correct device on the backend.

2.) In the settings within the POSaBIT App on the device, you should make sure a terminal is selected from the dropdown. Then re-save the settings.

 *This may resolve the “save settings” bug that could be affecting this behavior.

4.) The POSaBIT employee will reach out to you when they have completed the necessary steps on our side. You should now be able to unregister/register the device within the POSaBIT App settings on the terminal and attempt a test transaction. 

  •  Login > Settings > Unregister will be under the terminal selection dropdown
  •  You will have to hit the back button to get the keyboard to go away
  •  You don't have to register it again, it usually re-registers it when you re-enter the PIN
  • You will want to be sure to hit "Save" after unregistering

5.) If you're still getting an error after that, you can hit the "unregister" button from the POSaBIT App settings on the device and then re-save again to re-register.



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