Scale Integration With POSaBIT POS Instructions

Scale Integration With POSaBIT POS Instructions

The purpose of this document is to outline all the needed steps to successfully pair a merchants Scale with a POS register.

POS Portal Checklist:

  • In the Settings - Inventory section check the “Enable Tier Pricing” box
  • Make sure the “Exact Weight Dialogue” box is checked. The purpose of this step is to allow different flower weights to be weighed and sold through the POS outside of the normal 1g, 3.5g, 7g, etc
  • Make sure Tier pricing is set to either recreational, medical or both MED/REC

  • In the Inventory - Product Types section of the portal select the “Weighable” checkbox next to the products that should be available to weigh. (Normally only for Flower)
  • Make sure one of the three tier pricing options is selected.
  • Standard: prices are totaled up as is
  • Cumulative: total weight sold is totaled up from each pricing tier to calculate the cumulative price
    • For example: if there are 1g, 2g, and 4g, price points set up, and a customer purchases 5g from a tier, then we'd calculate the price based on the 4g price ($140) - (5/4 of $140 = $175)
  • Cumulative (mix and match): total weight sold is totaled up from all pricing tiers to calculate the cumulative price, based on total weight sold

  • Now the Tier Pricing button will be accessible in the inventory dropdown menu.
  • On this menu make sure that tiers have been created and priced accordingly
  • Setting up Tiers Instructions

Connecting Scale to POS:

Configuring the Scale

  • When used through a previous POS system, sometimes we will need to assist in reconfiguring the scale settings so that it may accurately communicate. Attached below are the configuration charts to program directly onto the scale:

  • To enact these changes on the scale perform the following steps
    • Press and hold the “Sample” button to get the core menu
    • Press “Sample again to toggle functions and get to SIF or DOUT
    • Once on the desired function select “Print” to access the configurations
    • To make a change to the configuration number present select RE Zero
    • To save the change select Sample
    • Once all changes are enacted hit the on/off switch restarting the scale and enacting the changes made

Testing and Running Transaction with Weighable Flower
  • Congrats! You have now successfully hooked up the scale. To test and make sure it is working correctly bring up a cart on the POS and scan or search for a weighable flower product
  • The screen will then prompt you to the weight dialogue box. 

  • When this box is present, add weight to the scale and select the print button

  • The weight present on the scale will now populate on the register (along with the price)

  • The budtender can then click add to cart and move onto the next product

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